Dry Cleaning vs. Laundry: What Is the Difference?

dry cleaning vs laundry
Dry cleaning and laundry are both helpful and practical solutions for removing the dirt on your clothes while making them look all-new and fresh.

However, these options have different methods, benefits, and functions. One is more cost-effective, and the other is a bit pricey. One uses chemicals, while the other can settle for a chemical-free process.

Want to know what suits your garment cleaning needs? This article will tell you the difference between dry cleaning vs. laundry.

Dry cleaning vs. Laundry

Dirty clothes should be kept from being soiled and unwashed for a long time. You need to go to a dry cleaning or laundry service provider to have them cleaned. This prevents them from getting stained and damaged in the long run.

But what type of cleaning service should you get? Here is a rundown of the advantages and disadvantages of dry cleaning and laundry.

Dry-Cleaning: Pros and Cons

Dry cleaning is garment cleaning that does not use water and involves a solvent to remove the dirt.

  • Removes stains easily
  • Removes grease better
  • Garments are not prone to bleeding and distortion
  • Promotes longevity of the material
  • Uses harmful chemicals or solvents
  • Leaves strong odor on garments

Laundering: Pros and Cons

Laundering clothes is a type of garment cleaning using water loaded in a laundry machine.

  • Cheaper option for cleaning clothes
  • Do not use harmful chemicals
  • Uses less energy
  • May cause shrinking
  • May not easily remove deep-seated dirt
differences between dry and laundry when it comes to the process

8 differences between dry and laundry when it comes to the process

Dry cleaning and laundry are both different cleaning processes. They differ in many factors, especially in the method of how it is done.

Here are several differences between laundered and dry-cleaned garments.

1. Solvent materials

Dry cleaning using a unique and robust solvent to wash away the dirt from a garment. The material is soaked into the solvent and placed in a machine. Meanwhile, washing through laundry only use liquid detergent that are less harmful and more eco-friendly.

2. Energy consumption

Both methods use machines to clean, which both consume energy. With dry cleaning, a specialized computer-generated machine where the solvent is placed washes the fabric.

Meanwhile, laundry cleaning uses commercial laundry machines that are tough and sturdy when it comes to spinning.

3. Cost

Since dry cleaning uses a different kind of solvent, it is costlier than a standard laundry service. The cleaning is also priced per garment piece, unlike a laundry service which counts the rate per load. You may put as many as you want as long as it falls under their weight per load.

4. Longevity of material

Laundry cleaning involves using machines, which can put excessive pressure on the garment, making it prone to look old and weary. With dry cleaning, the shape, texture, and overall form of the fabric remains because it does not undergo rigorous pressure washing.

5. Drying methods

Garments that a dry cleaned undergo finishing touches, including drying through steaming and ironing, if needed. Clothes that undergo laundry cleaning are placed into a drying machine before it is pressed.

6. Time consumption

Dry cleaning requires 24 to 48 hours. If your garments are made of suede or leather, the cleaners may require a longer time. Meanwhile, laundry cleaning only lasts a couple of hours, and you’re ready to wear your fresh clothes again, even within the day.

7. Maintenance

With regular and long-time laundry cleaning, the body of the clothes may shrink, and the material may loosen up over time. With dry cleaning’s solvent use, the fabric will not loosen up or shrink due to the absence of force or pressure that makes the clothes prone to damage.

8. Health and environmental concerns

Since the solvent is used for dry cleaning, it tends to be more harmful to the cleaner who may inhale it. This means cleaners should have at least a pair of gloves and a face mask when holding such sensitive chemicals. Laundry cleaners only use typical detergent in liquid form to wash soiled clothes, which can be eco-friendly and contains no harmful chemicals.

Dry cleaning vs. Laundry: Which process is better?

If you are thinking about what process is much better, the answer will depend on the garment you wish to clean. Cotton and other ordinary, everyday clothes can go to laundry cleaning.

If your garment has even more requirements, such as delicate fabric and heavy stains, it is better to use a chemical to clean it.

Benefits of the dry cleaning process

Benefits of the dry cleaning process

Is dry cleaning better than washing? The advantages of dry cleaning may outweigh its disadvantage. Here are the benefits you can get with this process.

Protects clothes

Cleaners will look at your clothes’ materials, color, accessories, and washing options before doing the sensitive method of soaking it in a solvent.

Longer life span

Over time, clothes get old and lose their durability. Dry cleaning does not shrink clothes, keeps everything in place, and makes it look new again.

Meticulous finishing touches

After dry cleaning, your clothes will be finished, steamed, and pressed, making them look immaculately new without crispness and wrinkles.

Removes stains easily

Stains and greases cannot be removed with regular all-purpose detergents. Professional cleaners can remove these foreign compounds that are unsightly with the use of unique stain-removal solutions.

Green Oaks Cleaners maintain a pool of dry cleaning experts in our Missouri City and Pearland, Texas, locations. We use high-end machines and specialized solvent for dry cleaning every garment type, ensuring that each part of your personal stuff is well taken care of.

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Benefits of laundry cleaning

Benefits of laundry cleaning

Keeping your clothes clean and fresh is not only important for your personal hygiene but also has many benefits.

More affordable

When it comes to the affordability of laundry vs. dry cleaning, the former wins the category. Laundry cleaning can be a manageable cost of money. Also, laundry cleaners usually price the cost per load, which is more cost-efficient.

Get done quicker

A load of laundry only takes less than an hour to wash, plus an additional hour for folding and pressing. So if you are in a hurry, you can get your fresh clothes after a couple of hours.


There are many laundry shops around your neighborhood, which means a more convenient way to have clean clothes all the time. Laundry shops may also offer free pick-up or delivery of clothes, so you can skip going to their establishment.

Green Oaks Cleaners can handle your laundry cleaning requirements on a weekly basis. We are equipped with the right experience in laundry cleaning that will not make your clothes shrink or lose its sheen. Call us to schedule a pick-up at your place.

How to decide if laundry or dry clean clothes?

Still trying to decide what to choose? Here are the three things you need to remember when it’s time to separate your clothes for cleaning.

Read the tag

Every type of clothing has a label or tag in it with cleaning instructions indicated as a guide to users and cleaners. Read each tag carefully as you separate clothes that need hand washing, laundering, or dry cleaning.

Type of material

Look into the fabric your clothes are made of. Are they made of cotton? Are they made of sensitive materials like silk or leather? Consider the garment type and materials, so you will know if dry cleaning or laundry is best for them.

Check the designs

Do they have beads, sequins and intricate designs that may be ruined in cleaning? Garments embellished with accessories should undergo dry cleaning instead of laundry cleaning. Putting these clothes in a washing machine may only ruin your belongings.

Dry cleaning and laundry cleaning experts in Texas

Your garments are important belongings that experts in cleaning should only handle. You would not want your stuff to be ruined because of unsuitable cleaning solutions done by unskilled personnel.

Green Oaks Cleaners are the best dry cleaning and laundry providers in Missouri City and Pearland, Texas. Our cleaners are skilled in determining what type of garment falls under a specific cleaning method. We are trained in dry cleaning even the most sensitive and highly-embellished clothes you have. We also take pride in providing top-notch laundry service for everyone, using quality products and top-of-the-line laundry machines.

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