Pickup & Delivery

Book It. Receive It. Wear It.

Take advantage of Green Oaks Cleaners Pickup & Delivery services for all your laundry and dry cleaning needs.
Receive all your items professionally cleaned and ready to wear with our easy three-step process.
Plan your time according to your preferences. Laundry pick-up and
delivery times are entirely in your hands. We’ll ask about your laundry
preferences when you schedule your first pick-up so that your laundry is
done exactly how you want it. All of your items will undergo a thorough
inspection for any invisible stains or items that must be washed
Insert your current location. Your valuables will be picked-up and will
be in good hands at our nearby cleaning facility. All of your possessions
will be delivered to you at the time you desire. If you are unable to accept
the delivery, simply reschedule and provide our delivery team with any
additional instructions.
Relax, we’ve got this. Now you’ve just streamlined your life! Getting
your dry cleaning and laundry delivered to your door is as simple as
ordering online. You can rest assured that your drivers will always be on
time, polite, and reliable.

Schedule a Pickup Today And...

Feel The Difference. Your senses will be able to
detect the high level of care given by Green Oaks
Cleaners to your most valued things. As soon as
you put them on, you’ll notice a distinct difference
in how your garments feel, smell, and look. .
Stay Protected. It is our utmost priority to
look after the well-being and security of our
clients. Our machines kill any viruses that may
be present in your items by washing them at a
temperature that is higher than that found in
most machines at home.
Feel Supported. Since our inception, we’ve seen a
lot of people walk through our doors. Because we
believe that great service begins and ends with
knowledgeable and friendly employees, we take
great care in selecting only the best people to join
our team. We work hard to meet delivery
schedules and build long-term relationships with
our customers.
Stay At Ease. Cleaners Green Oaks Cleaners
make it a lot easier to have your belongings
picked up and delivered to your location. In
the bag provided, place your laundry and
leave it in a place your delivery person can
Hire a professional cleaner instead of wasting
your time and effort cleaning dirty clothing or
large household items. Using our cleaning
services means you won’t have to worry about
doing the housework.
Feel Guilt-free. We’ve made a major commitment
to ensure that our children grow up in a secure and
healthy environment. And this effort includes
meeting the environmental sustainability criteria
through the use of eco-friendly dry cleaning
chemicals, hangers, and recycling laundry bags. By
supporting environmentally friendly businesses
that seek to reduce waste and the use of
dangerous chemicals, everyone can contribute to
the preservation of our natural world. Your decision
to support us is a positive step toward protecting
the environment.