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Dry cleaning is a process that involves immersing your garments in a safe liquid solution to remove dirt, stains, and odors. The solvent will be extracted from your clothes and all your items will be steam-pressed. Dry cleaning is a safe and effective approach to removing stains like oil and grease that are difficult to clean using traditional methods.
Our customers experience the convenience of pick-up and delivery services without having to be physically present at home. Just let us know where you’d like your items to be picked up or delivered and we’ll follow it up with our delivery team.
We want to make your cleaning experience as convenient as possible. With that, we don’t enforce minimum order restrictions.
We want to make your cleaning experience as convenient as possible. With that, we don’t enforce minimum order restrictions.
A credit-on-file transaction is the most convenient mode of payment. You’ll only be charged once your order has been delivered. Each order you receive will be accompanied by an itemized receipt with all of the specifics about your order. To ensure the highest level of security, your credit card information is encrypted once it is submitted into our system.

Green Oaks Cleaners continues its efforts of using eco-friendly solvents that are safe on your garments and on the environment. We are continuously learning and implementing ways to recycle and minimize utility consumption such as using recyclable hangers and laundry bags.

Dry cleaning does not shorten the life of a garment. In fact, if you want to extend the life of your clothing, dry cleaning is a great option. In dry cleaning, stains that washing machines can’t handle are removed, and the colors of the garment are preserved. You don’t have to worry about mechanical movement or heat. The chemicals used in dry cleaning are considerably stronger than those found in laundry detergent, so they can remove stains and impurities more easily, and you don’t have to worry about yarn agitation.

On-site alteration services are available at all of Green Oaks Cleaners’ facilities. We’ll have your changes done within one to three business days.

Our wedding gown preservation specialists analyze your gown thoroughly to find the best cleaning and preservation approach. Our innovative preservation technique ensures that your wedding gown is protected from yellowing and will remain flawless. Keeping your gown and veil safe from mold, moisture, insect infestation, and oxidation is made possible with our latest packaging methods.