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We offer cleaning for bridal dresses, wedding tux, indian sarees, shalwar Kurtas, kameez, and dupattas, among others.

Dry Clean

For most heavily ornated traditional attires.


Get rid of the crease in your embellished clothes with low heat mist.


For wrinkle-free ensembles that require a high heat setting

Careful Cleaning For Delicate Ensembles

Your garments undergo careful inspection before cleaning. We identify fabrics that are delicate and may require a special cleaning technique.

Green Oaks Cleaners separates dark-colored textiles from light ones, inspect care labels per item, and make sure all accents and accessories attached will not get damaged while we do the cleaning.

Gentle Handling Of Each Piece

Our staff at Green Oaks Cleaners undergo training for special cleaning services for Indian and Pakistani garments.

We value the story behind each piece of clothing and put our best into handling the clothing with the greatest care. From dry cleaning to folding, we ensure that every item will be delivered back to you in pristine condition.